Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things that have helped while I fish for striped bass

I am really happy with the addition of pontoons I recently decided to mount. Not that the NuCanoe isn't sturdy enough but because I am fishing for Striped Bass on a large lake where there are many large wake producing boats which caused a lot of stability problems for small boats. I purchased them from "www.standnfish.com" and am very satisfied with their product and service. My only recommendation for NuCanoe owners is to request the 36" lift channel versus the standard 30" channel. I found that the width of the Nucanoe required a longer lift channel to get it closer to the center of gravity. What is very nice about these pontoons is the fact that they lift out of the water several inches so when you are paddling they don't create any drag and lift and lower with ease. They are easily stored when not in use. They also have an additional option which allows the fisherman to attach a leaning post when fishing the flats for Redfish.

Also, here is a picture of the rigging I have set up for use when I fish for Striped Bass while trolling. I used a flex pipe so that the transducer would go down into the water and folds back up when not in use. This was an alternative to drilling any holes in the boat. Seems to work very well.

Doug K