Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get More Bass Fishing

The NuCanoe is ideal for bass fishing. Super stable, easy to use, and plenty of room for all your fishing gear. Not to mention the trolling motor. Now that's the way to fish!

Top Three Reasons to Bass Fish in a NuCanoe

  1. Fishing style swivel seat - Comfort and fishability are off the charts.
  2. Trolling Motor - Get there fast. And without much effort.
  3. Small water access - Get to the places (and fish!) that other boats can't.

Not Convinced? Check this out:

Bass Fishing Configurations

  • Solo Bass Angler: Folding Swivel Seat, Paddle/Rod Holder, Stern Anchor and 2 RAM Rod Holders w/ Mount

  • Tandem Bass Angler: 2 Folding Swivel Seats, 2 Paddle/Rod Holders, Stern Anchor and 4 RAM Rod Holders w/ Mount

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