Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get More Bass Fishing

The NuCanoe is ideal for bass fishing. Super stable, easy to use, and plenty of room for all your fishing gear. Not to mention the trolling motor. Now that's the way to fish!

Top Three Reasons to Bass Fish in a NuCanoe

  1. Fishing style swivel seat - Comfort and fishability are off the charts.
  2. Trolling Motor - Get there fast. And without much effort.
  3. Small water access - Get to the places (and fish!) that other boats can't.

Not Convinced? Check this out:

Bass Fishing Configurations

  • Solo Bass Angler: Folding Swivel Seat, Paddle/Rod Holder, Stern Anchor and 2 RAM Rod Holders w/ Mount

  • Tandem Bass Angler: 2 Folding Swivel Seats, 2 Paddle/Rod Holders, Stern Anchor and 4 RAM Rod Holders w/ Mount

Fly Fishing & Catching

Now here's a better way to fly fish. Get out of the water and the float tubes. Stay away from the barges and pontoon boats. Get stability, ease of use, and great fishability in the NuCanoe.

Top Three Reasons to Fly Fish in a NuCanoe

  1. Rise Above - Whether seated or standing, you'll be higher on the water, providing better leverage and sighting.
  2. Stand Up! - The stability and balance of the NuCanoe enable you to truly fish while standing.
  3. Clean Lines - Keep your fishing area clear of clutter and potential snags.

Fly Fishing Videos

Fly Fishing Configurations
  • Solo Fly Angler: Expedition Seat, Stern Anchor and 2 Paddle/Rod Holders

  • Ultimate Solo Fly Angler: Captain's Seat, Sport Box, Stern Anchor and 2 Paddle/Rod Holders

Motorized Fishing

Is the NuCanoe a rowing canoe? Yes. Is the NuCanoe a paddling kayak? Yes. Is the NuCanoe anything else? Why yes it is . . . try a motorized troll boat! The NuCanoe is that versatile! The stern of the boat is designed for an attached trolling motor. Just add one to the end of your NuCanoe, and off you go. No straining effort is needed to guide your boat across the water.

Fishing will now be even easier with the ability to guide yourself effortlessly and quickly through the water to the best fishing locations.

Top reasons to use your NuCanoe as a trolling boat:
1. Cut down on the strenuous effort of rowing or paddling
2. Get around faster on the water
3. Get to the sweet fishing and hunting spots quicker and easier
4. Makes solo riding easier
5. Relax and enjoy the water and outdoors more
6. Simply fun and enjoyable